Brose Farm in the fall

Brose Farm Beef

Fourth Generation of Natural Beef Farmers

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Purchase Options

3 Freezer Options are available. Premium steaks include T-Bone, Wing, Sirloin, and Wing. Other steak are Center Blade, Eye of Round, and Round.  Premium Roasts include Rib, Sirloin, T-Bone. Other roasts are Boston, Rump, Round Steak, Blade, Eye of Round. Ground Beef and Boneless Stew are packaged in 1 lb packages. Included in each sample package is one FREE package of either Soup Bones, Liver, Heart or Kidney’s when available. All pricing includes cutting and wrapping. Orders can be picked up at the farm by emailing James ahead.

Option #1 | $195.00

7lbs Steaks (4 premium + 3 others)

3lbs. Assorted Roasts

10 lbs. Lean Ground Beef

Option #2 | $195.00

10 lbs. Assorted Steaks

10 lbs. Lean Ground Beef

Option #3 | $195.00

7 lbs. Assorted Roasts

3 lbs. Premium Steaks

10 lbs. Lean Ground Beef

*All our beef is processed in a government inspected locally owned facility wrapped and frozen in meat-wrapping paper.

Our Farm and Family

Our 160 acre farm is situated on the north shore of Lake Dore in North Algona/Wilberforce Township.  We are James and Kim Brose the fourth generation of natural beef farmers on this property and we strive to maintain the traditional farming and land stewardship methods of our ancestors.

Our cattle have free roam of all 160 acres for grazing, shade and water.  The bull, cows and calves are always together. We not do confine or separate our animals. We rotational graze our small herd (approximately 20) to maintain pasture quality and quantity. Our cattle are Limousine-Hereford cross and their health and growth are consistent with the health of the soil and crops it produces. Our farm is “not” certified organic by any certification organization in Ontario, however our land and animal stewardship is relatively unchanged from our ancestors (excluding mechanization), which we believe is where organic farming originated.   

What’s in our Beef?

  • Natural grass from our farm

  • Natural hay from our farm

  • Salt

  • Minerals

What’s not in our beef?

  • No growth promoting hormones

  • No antibiotics in our cattle feed

  • No corn or grain

  • No herbicides or pesticides on our crops

  • No chemical fertilizers on our crops

  • No feedlot confinement or crowding

  • No genetically modified seed for our crops

Grass-Fed Beef is Different from Conventional Beef!
Conventional beef is usually fattened with grain and/or corn so the cuts contain more marbling than grass-fed beef.  This influences the flavour and texture, especially with steaks.  ALL of our steaks and roasts come from young beef in an effort to make them as tender as possible.   When cooking, it is important to keep grass-fed roasts and steaks moist .

Some of our customers have told us that our ground beef contains less fat than extra-lean ground beef from the grocery store.  Some customers prefer young ground beef for hamburgers and mature ground beef in spaghetti sauce, lasagna, etc. Other customers prefer the mature ground beef for their burgers as well.

Did you know... conventional beef is usually aged in sealed plastic.  This type of aging keeps more moisture in the beef so it weighs more (more water!) then dry-aged beef.  Our beef is dry-aged by the butcher the traditional way, for 10-14 days.